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GREO is a Sacramento-based musician (originally from Atlanta, GA), and an avid supporter of self-sustainability in the Black community. She believes in the liberation of Black communities through education, adequate housing, and the eradication of food insecurity. She dreamt up the idea for the Sankofa Market amidst the George Floyd Protests, where she recognized a need for a safe space for the Sacramento Black community to support each other.

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Deborah Armstrong is a proud advocate of food justice, equitable housing, and access to green spaces for Black people. She began her activism as a poet mentor with Sacramento Area Youth Speaks in 2015. After serving as Sacramento’s first ever youth poet laureate, Deborah returned to school and is currently pursuing her BA in communications at SF State. Deborah is passionate about disrupting systems of oppression and is excited about the current and future impact of the Sankofa Market.



Lazzlo is a farmer stewarding land with the Black & Brown Farm Collective of Sacramento. They believe in the transformative power of exposure. Their mission is to nurture spaces where black folks can heal and experience a loving relationship with land.

IG: @lazzlo.farms